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Torch Constructive Material Company

Torch Constructive Material Company , which was founded 37 years ago, is well known for its premium quality and friendly price. The reason why the company can not only survive the fierce market competition but also be one of the best in ceramic industries, contributes to its operation principles of” Customer First” and “For Customer”. The company fully recognizes that the product offered to the customer is just a part of the decorating process, the quality ,the design and the after service of the products are also crucial, that is, to meet the whole requirements of the customer with the whole part of the products.

1.The positioning of Torch :Among the various ceramic brands, Overland is known by its “ultimate gray” cement tiles; Qualicer is known by its “super white” porcelain tiles, while the Torch company in featured by its ”project favorable “ wooden tiles, which has constantly won the project biddings.

2.The quality concept of Torch : The quality of Torch ceramic is second to none. Including the conception, design, development , test , production , after service and other process.

3.The innovation concept of Torch : Ever since the foundation , Torch company has always adhered to adventurous and scientific innovation. To develop through innovation is the constant policy. The company keeps updating styles, and constantly applies the new technology to the production.

4.The social marketing conception of Torch : The quality of Torch tiles is premium, more importantly, during production, in order to show its responsibility to the society and to produce the most “environmental friendly ” ceramic tiles. The Torch company initiated anion formula, which has been regarded as the benchmarking of ceramic industrial. To produce contactable ceramic tiles, the Torch company has always paid great attention to the material application, as well as to the research of environmental protection technology .

5.The CS conception of Torch : The satisfaction of Torch company customers (CS) starts from the production workshop, and from the needs of our clients. To meet the different requirements of the clients from product structure, product quality, sales method, service project, service level and so on. The principle is to provide 100% satisfaction. Both the production staffs and service staffs are supposed to work for the clients wholeheartedly.

Torch Constructive Material Company Torch Constructive Material Company Torch Constructive Material Company