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Fujian Torch Construction Material Co., Ltd

Jiangsu Zhonghai-Jinxi.-One of the Top Community in Jiangsu

Jiangsu Zhonghai-Jinxi. 

Application of our tiles:

Use outdoor granite products.

Usage: 16,000 square meters.


Let nature and artistic aesthetics create a full sense of homecoming ritual, in order to allow owners to enjoy a pure ecological residence.

Go outside to play in the winter afternoon, enjoy the warm sunshine and gentle breeze, and watch the dappled light and shadows and the whirling shadows of the trees. Breathe the fresh air, embrace pure nature, and feel the rare leisure and comfort in the reinforced concrete city.

Application of the tiles : Paver stone- Granite look porcelain tiles for outdoor and garage 

300X600X18MM     600X600X18MM   Different sizes available




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