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Don't be tired of wooden grain bricks, let life return to nature!


Many people like fresh wood grain because wood grain elements give people a feeling of returning to nature,

Make the home space appear elegant and peaceful.

When it comes to choosing between wooden flooring and wood grain bricks,

Wooden grain bricks often win because they not only replicate the texture, texture, and color of natural logs, but also,

At the same time, it also possesses the excellent performance of ceramic tiles, which are waterproof, moisture-proof, fireproof, and insect proof,

Moreover, it is anti fouling, wear-resistant, and formaldehyde free, making cleaning and maintenance more convenient.

In the context of urban development, commercial spaces are undergoing tremendous changes, and unintentionally,

The space around us presents characteristics of diversity, complexity, modernization, and personalization.

Exquisite material details can highlight the attention to design, and wood grain bricks are like a work to be read,

The tactile experience is a process of deep understanding, careful reading, decoding the secrets hidden in the details of wood grain bricks,

And this minimalist and unique category can make the space more readable.

Nowadays, details are increasingly being magnified in consumer behavior, tailored to the needs of daily life,

The details are hidden in every consumption experience,

Consumers are innovating themselves and becoming more professional,

Therefore, for the details encountered in daily life, they are particularly demanding and pay attention to details,

In fact, it focuses on the feelings brought by the experience,

That's why people are willing to pay higher prices to buy things of higher quality,

Pay for services that are priced high but feel at home.

At present, the battle for details in the ceramic tile industry is fiercely contested by competitors,

Many top tier brands are competing to enter this ranks,

Details have become one of the key focus points for modern ceramic tile enterprises in China.

Although some ceramic companies have turned their horses and rushed into another path,

But the details are defined as shadows that follow, not just because of the emphasis on functionality,

We have abandoned the quality and texture, so the competition is still ongoing and the situation is booming.

Under similar definitions closely followed, details have also become a key criterion for judging the quality of ceramic tile consumption when making purchases.

Using tools such as color cards and magnifying glasses to confirm tiles, zooming in on details is not just the practice of exhibition manufacturers and buyers,

It has also become a basic operation for ordinary consumers in the sales market, experiencing details, especially tactile sensations,

It is a designated action for contemporary consumers when purchasing wood grain brick products.

Tactile sensation is a type of skin sensation that is caused by mild mechanical stimulation that excites the superficial receptors of the skin,

The distribution of tactile receptors in the head, lips, tongue, and fingers is extremely rich, especially in the fingers,

When consumers unconsciously touch the product, each texture brings different degrees of sensory stimulation,

Various sensations are conveyed to the human brain through fingertips, resulting in final judgment, rough touch, and perception of the simplicity hidden in the texture,

Smooth touch, feel the irresistible delicacy, and in touch, break the possibility of a single touch conveyed by vision,

I also discovered flaws that are not easily visible to the naked eye during touching.

Simply put, touch is a part of the details,

The details are reflected in the touch, and the product detail experience focuses on the touch experience.

Ceramic tile brands are striving to upgrade, and technology and design are things that consumers can most intuitively feel,

Major brands are competing to make progress, and Torch Ceramic Tiles is one of the companies with outstanding development trends.

If wood grain bricks are a super symbol of the torch, then details must also occupy a place.

But ultimately, any beautiful concept requires a solid foundation to support and complete.

As a material provider, Torch Tiles actively explores the high ground of wood grain brick products,

Provide sufficient potential energy for wood grain brick products to innovate and stimulate potential consumer demand.

The research and development of wood grain tiles for torch tiles should be considered from the source, first establishing the design theme before proceeding with the research and development,

Then the laying process is implemented, so that the resulting wood grain brick product can be consistent with the design starting point,

This is also where the research and development model of torch tiles is leading.

Many consumers, after comparing the tactile sensation of wood grain brick products from different brands,

I also let go of my hesitation and boldly chose torch tiles,

The colors look similar, although there are also differences in texture,

But the biggest difference is still the texture and feel, I can't help but touch it after finishing.


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