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What is a straight edged wood grain brick? What is the difference from the original edge?


Previously, most ceramic manufacturers producing wood grain bricks mainly relied on original edges,

Mainly rectangular, many manufacturers start with original edges,

After achieving great success, the promotion of straight edged wood grain bricks began,

Since 2017-2024, there has been an increasing number of straight edged wood grain bricks,

More and more favored by the market, because the straight edged porcelain wood grain does not leave any gaps and the gaps are small,

Less dirt accumulation, low water absorption rate, easier to manage, overall atmospheric and beautiful,

We can do various crafts, such as molds, printing, jigsaw puzzles, multi layout, matte, glossy, soft and so on.1577445558633428.jpg

Review, what is original edge wood grain brick?

Original wood grain bricks refer to direct pressing with molds,

A one-time formed rectangular brick with a natural arc at the front edge,

This way, the texture is better when directly laid out, which is closer to the original solid wood.

The dimensions produced are elongated, which is the original edge wood grain,

It does not require edge grinding and has always been the mainstream product of torch tiles.1577445520862410.jpg

A type of ceramic tile product with straight edged wood grain bricks that are elongated in size, smooth on all four sides, and imitate the natural texture effect of wood.

Many manufacturers of this type of wood grain brick are promoting torch ceramic tiles, whether it is traditional ceramic tile enterprises,

Still a new generation modern ceramic tile brand, straight edged wood grain tiles are versatile products,

They can all enter their space. Rich product presentation forms,

Making straight edged wood grain brick products more unique,

The product showcases its unique characteristics from the inside out.


Straight edged wood grain bricks are similar in production and manufacturing to common square glazed tiles,

Brief process in the forming stage (raw materials - ball milling - spray granulation - press forming - glaze printing - kiln sintering),

Open or grind finished products during the deep processing stage.


The above explains the basic process. In fact, there are two types of forming for straight edged wood grain bricks,

One type is to directly shape elongated specifications and dimensions by the press during the blank forming stage,

Another method is to form large-sized products through deep processing and cutting, and then shape elongated straight edged wood grain bricks.



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