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From minority to C position, torch straight edge wood grain tile


All the time, wood grain tiles are more as a substitute for wood flooring and appear on the market.

Because of the scarcity of log resources, the price of wood flooring in the market has been high,

It is easy to be damp and moldy during use, too dry and easy to crack, deform and fall off.

At the same time, the wood floor is easy to wear and difficult to maintain.

Although the raw wood floor is close to nature, there is no cold feeling of tile, but the formaldehyde generated during use,

It also makes consumers feel very distressed.

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In this context, wood grain brick products will show its unique advantages.

Wood grain brick combines the advantages of tile and wood flooring, with the texture effect of precious wood,

It also has the characteristics of high hardness, low water absorption and easy maintenance.

The water absorption rate of early wood grain bricks is generally 60%-10%, the folding strength is poor, and the glaze is not wear-resistant.

Affected by cement and other bonding materials, the service life is not long.

However, with the innovation of technology, the quality of wood grain bricks has climbed again and again.

Recently, the Torch tile new push low suction straight edge wood grain series,

The performance of this series of products has a major breakthrough compared with the past.


It is understood that torch tile straight edge wood series products through new technology, new formula put into use,

It can make wood grain brick products achieve the effect of near zero water absorption rate of 0.04%-0.08%.

The embryonic body used is different from the fine stoneware body popular in the market, and the porcelain embryonic body is used.

Wood grain brick products through a long time of high temperature firing,

Achieve porcelain effect, while the glaze embryo surface combination degree is high,

The glaze quality is stable, the product is hard, dense and wear-resistant, and the damage strength is 2523N.

In order to ensure the safety of home life, the anti-slip coefficient of wood grain tile products of Torch tile can reach R9 level.

Can be used in living room, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and other Spaces,

It can also be used for years without deformation or discoloration, and is easy to clean and maintain.


Anyone who has used wood grain brick knows that although wood grain brick highly restores the natural grain of rare wood,

But if you don't put it right, it's really hot.

Porcelain wood grain brick is divided into two kinds of cut straight edge wood grain brick and original edge wood grain brick.

The new products of wood grain brick developed and produced by Torch belong to straight edge wood grain brick,

One molding overlay effect beautiful and natural.

At the same time, because of the excellent product characteristics, seamless paving technology can be used.

The paving effect is closer to wood flooring, and while practicality is guaranteed,

Aesthetics have also been greatly improved.


In order to avoid large area placement, because the tile texture is too repetitive,

Resulting in a hard and unnatural rendering effect,

The design of the torch in the wood grain brick texture can be said to be perfect.

The same type of tile, the design of different 12 sides, flexible and vivid.

In order to enrich the choice of space style, the torch tile highly restores the natural texture of wood,

And according to the wood of different rare woods,

Imitate the corresponding color, such as soft light gray, natural light yellow, retro dark red, elegant light coffee and so on


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