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What are the new trends for wood grain tiles in 2024?


The rapid development of economy and science and technology allows home improvement materials to innovate,

The forms of design style are also becoming more diverse.

And tile, as a material that is bound to be used in home improvement,

In the design, it is also more and more fashionable and creative.

Today, let's take a look at what new trends there will be for tiles in 2024.

The classic black and white gray tone has long been in the dominant screen mode in the home industry,

In recent years, major brands, designers, studios, etc., have used bright colors.

Whether it's Cologne or this year's Milan furniture fair,

You can find the color return attitude expressed by the brands.


So color will make a comeback in 2024,

No longer limited to black, white and gray tones, home decoration from cold to warm.

With the development of various new processes and new technologies, the tile color saturation is high,

It is also more clear and easy to create a clean and bright living environment for you.

The use of a large area of tile is a common way for us to lay,

In 2024, the return of color, splicing style tile paving will be more popular.

Whether it's a bold color palette or a conservative geometry,

Or exaggerated Mosaic patterns, from innovative to unique,

Create a strong visual impact for you.


If you don't like the impact of splicing, you can choose a relief style of tile.

Flexible and exquisite relief style tiles, showing a three-dimensional style,

In the details of the elegant atmosphere, give the space more light luxury temperament.

The continuous development of technology and technology makes ceramic tiles not only limited to color changes,

It's more diverse in texture. It can mimic the fine texture of a variety of materials.

For example, common wood grain tiles, marble tiles and so on


Wood grain tile combines the advantages of wood flooring and tile,

The exquisite texture of wood is truly restored, and it is a favorite of the public at present.

In 2024, I believe that the heat of wood grain bricks will not decrease, and it will shine in the home improvement.

In the design of many luxury homes, wood grain brick is the most common material.

Whether it is living room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, dining room and other Spaces can be used,

The unique texture and temperament of natural wood grain highlight the light luxury temperament of space.


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