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When decorating, how to match light-colored wood grain tiles


Color as a wonderful thing,

By means of hue, purity, tone, contrast, etc.,

To express people's different emotions and associations.

Color is no longer just a feeling, it's a science,

Science can be falsified, logical and regular,

Behind the color choice, there is biology, psychology and other science.

Comfortable and reasonable color matching is not only a powerful design of the home,

Meet the decorative needs of today's life,

It is also a big factor in determining the mood of furniture and space, and there is innovation for the future.


Gray, has experienced the washing of time and the change of the trend, carrying the atmosphere of inclusiveness,

Breaking through the limits of large-scale use, becoming a neutral color favored by designers,

It has also become a synonym for texture and comfort

Gray home can show a modern and simple style, a large area of gray wood grain brick and decoration,

Can bring the bedroom atmosphere into a quiet and relaxed, with a small amount of green plants embellished,

It can create a pleasant atmosphere and improve the quality of sleep.


White, when met with other color combinations, always bring new and adventure, it is a classic through the centuries,

It is often used to convey the idea of simplicity, while white is also an expansive color, which can bring wider vision to the space.

White home can always give people to imagine the space, a little decoration, you can deduce tens of thousands of changes in the style of home improvement,

But too much white is easy to produce visual fatigue, and other colors are needed as embellishment,

In the complex city, it is particularly rare to have a white home belonging to yourself.


Warm colors are progressive colors, giving people a gentle, soft, pleasant feeling,

It can reduce the sense of indoor emptiness, is not easy to dull, and can increase the comfort during use.

Warm home, just a little warm color can be reflected,

No matter the cold wind outside the window or the rain, the home is still bright,

The softly lit wood grain bricks are made from natural textures,

With warm colors, it will touch the purity and warmth of the heart,

Warm pillows at home can also increase the original color temperature and make the room more warm.


Fresh and active color combinations such as green and blue,

It is easy to remind people of the blue sky and the forest, giving people the impression of health and ability,

The application of this kind of color matching can meet the psychological needs of "returning to nature".

In a home with a white and wood background,

Close to nature green is suitable for creating a gentle and soothing home environment,

Can eliminate fatigue, relieve stress,

With coffee-colored wood grain brick, you can open a pleasant home life.


Logs and nature are inextricably linked, and the color of the original wood shows the natural texture and texture, giving people a soothing feeling.

The color is warm and moist, the texture is natural, and the log department brings the light and warmth to the home, which always touches the heart inadvertently.

With vibrant green plants and a small amount of color to touch up the home, so that people feel intoxicated and comfortable.

Comfortable color matching, so that every place of the home, is just right.

Personalized home color matching, more and more in line with people's emotional expression, when the home meets the color matching, it gives the space new emotions, so that life colorful, no longer monotonous.


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